Looking down on Bangkok

Today we climbed the Golden Mount, a famous monastery in Bangkok on an artificial mount.

View from the Golden Mount

View from the Golden Mount

The view was amazing. We got an idea of how big Bangkok is! And on this quite hot and sweaty day the breeze on top of the mountain was great.

But I’m so ready to go to the beach. I’m just fed up with all those Thai guys pretending to help you when they just tell you, the thing you want to see is closed and why not go

View over Bangkok

View over Bangkok

somewhere else. And then miraclelously there is a Tuktuk nearby and you end up in some factory or travel agency. I just want to explore the city on my own!

So it was a nice suprise to meet some shy students who did interviews with tourists and where to afraid to ask Michael so they asked me instead, talking from woman to woman, kind of…  😉

Canal in Bangkok

Canal in Bangkok

And later we walked along a beautiful, idyllic canal. Hadn’t it been so sweaty wet and hot, it would have been even more beautiful.

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